We Support The Good People

Unseen provides discounted or free premium accounts to help support individuals and groups who are in difficult environments and need secure communications for their safety. Reporters, human rights supporters and activists and members of persecuted groups like Falun Gong are all eligible for discounted or free accounts.

The circumstances are quite difficult. Reporters who cover places like Syria and Somalia routinely place their lives in danger when they write a story. Peaceful Falun Gong meditators face a vicious persecution in China that includes arrest, torture, forced labor and even live organ harvesting...all for a belief in Truth - Compassion - Tolerance.

This was the reason we started our company, to provide private and secure communications where it was needed most. To fulfill our mission, we offer discounts and completely free premium account to qualified people and groups. To see if you qualify, please send a short email with a brief description of your circumstances to [email protected]

The Unseen Team